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The story of us

CollageTighten those wristbands.
Slather on the sunscreen.
Get ready for the music, because it’s gonna get loud.

The story of Judy and Justin began in February of 2002.

Justin, a lanky, crazy-haired 18-year-old, was looking into prospective colleges and happened to be visiting Cal State Fullerton. Judy, a short, sassy, overly-ambitious 19-year-old had already started her first year at CSUF and was completely immersed in the hectic adventures of student activities. She had joined Freshman Programs, New Student Programs, and sold over-priced books to broke students at the campus bookstore. That day in February, she just so happened to be running a booth for Freshman Programs when Justin approached and asked, “So, why should I come to Fullerton?” Judy delivered an enthusiastic rant Justin didn’t really listen to, but she must have made some kind of impression because he remembered her later that summer.

That July, Judy was leading a summer orientation group for new students. After seeing her from afar, Justin shimmied over to Judy and said, “Hey, remember me?” to which she replied, “Um, no, sorry. But, welcome! I’m about to help students register for classes, wanna come?! Go Titans!” Judy helped Justin register for his first semester of college and told him she’d also be living in the campus dorms as a resident advisor that August (now adding a fourth campus job to her jam-packed resume).

CollageJudy helped Justin move into his dorm later that Summer and the pair began spending more time together, learning about campus life through silly dorm socials and late night study sessions. They officially began dating in March of 2003, but, like most 20-year-olds, the couple had quite the fickle relationship for the next few months… OK, years.

In August of 2004, Justin decided he’d head out to Texas and pursue his dream of “joining” a band and living like a rock star (his primary duties included passing out flyers and moshing). But California beckoned and he moved back in early 2005, rekindling his relationship with Judy. That August, however, Judy decided to pursue HER dream of becoming a British rock star from the ‘60s, spending that semester abroad in London. Not one to miss an English excursion, Justin happily flew across the pond to visit and their adventures continued. When Judy returned to the States, the two indulged their passion for music by attending as many concerts and music festivals as their financial aid could cover.

In June of 2006, Judy graduated from CSUF, but Justin still had one more year to go. Long story short: the two spent some time apart, but they never really lost touch. Through thick and thin, Judy and Justin were there for each other despite life’s many obstacles: long distances, years of grad school, random jobs and—most tragically—differing tastes in music. But by September of 2009, Judy and Justin came to understand the deep love and appreciation they shared for one another and have been inseparable ever since.

CollageBy 2011, they moved to Santa Barbara together for Judy’s teaching job and enjoyed their time as pseudo-hippie beach bums. Justin even went outside a few times.

On a warm Santa Barbara night in July of 2014, surrounded by friends, candles, and chihuahuas, Justin proposed to Judy. She cried hysterically, delivered an enthusiastic rant, and said yes.

Like any music festival worth its price of admission, the past thirteen years have seen Judy and Justin’s relationship grow from a humble beginning to an electric engagement. To see their love evolve and intensify from one year to the next is a soul-affirming guarantee that everything is as it should be; life is great and love is like your favorite song booming from an outdoor stage on a hot-shouldered summer evening—you can’t imagine that moment being any better (why would you want it to be?) but more importantly, you can’t even begin to imagine Judy without Justin, Justin without Judy, or the music ever ending.

Written by Jeff Sinclair and Judy Chavez


Date & Place

Saturday, August 1st, 2015

The ceremony & reception will be outdoors at the home of Justin’s family in Kanarraville, Utah, a small town about 2.5 hours north of Las Vegas.

See sections below for travel & lodging info


For now, these are the only important times you need to know:

5:00  Arrival and mingling time
6:00  Ceremony begins


Rustic semi-formal, with shoes fit for dirt (seriously, no heels) and probably a coat for the evening.

Weather Forecast

Our forecast for the wedding day shows a high of 90℉ in the afternoon and a low of 61℉ at night. There will be a bit of wind (~8mph) and a tiny chance of thunderstorms.

RSVP by July 1, please


Drive it

About 6.5 hours from Los Angeles
(and the last 2 hours are pretty pleasant)

Fly into Las Vegas (LAS)

Try not to get distracted by the blinking lights, then rent a car to finish the journey (~2.5 hours)

Fly into Cedar City (CDC) or St. George (SGU)

Small airports but they’re only 30 minutes (Cedar City) or 50 minutes (St. George) from Kanarraville

Good rental car sites:  HotwireExpedia
Good flight websites:  JetRadarHipMunkJetBlueSouthWest


You have a few options…

Stay in Cedar City

25 minutes north is “Festival City, USA,” a small city with a quaint Main St. & various lodging options…

Hotels on Google Maps
Bed & breakfasts on Google

Stay in St. George

45 minutes south is “Utah’s Dixie,” a larger city with great landscapes and even more lodging…

Hotels on Google Maps

Camp on property

Sorry, no more room!
Bring your tent or bedroll and we’ll have a grand ol’ time under the stars.
No kids under 10 if camping, please.

Things to Do

National & State Parks

Seeing our wonderful faces is reason enough to visit Utah—we know—but if you have some extra time you should really see the sights. There’s too much to describe in this small space, so be sure to search online for photos, tips, trails, and park details to help you decide! Below are the closest (with distances from Kanarraville):

Zion – 45 min.
Kolob Canyon – 1 hour
Cedar Breaks – 1 hour
Bryce Canyon – Just under 2 hours
Coral Pink Sand Dunes – Just under 2 hours


Trails near Cedar City & Kanarraville link
Trails near St. George link

Culture & Such

Shakespearean festival link
Neil Simon festival link
Strolling in downtown Cedar City or St. George
Cedar Ridge Golf Course link
St. George golf courses link

Honeymoon Registry

Let’s be honest, we live in a pretty small place and though fancy new sheets would be nice, we’ll probably be fine without them. What we do need, however, is a vacation!

Rather than a traditional gift registry, we’re asking guests to help pitch in for our 6-day honeymoon to Cancun in mid-August before Judy’s school year starts up again. We’re going to need a few days planted on a beautiful beach, but we also want to explore and see some history.

We’re both pretty frugal about spending money on ourselves, but whatever you’re able to contribute will go directly to making our time together even more memorable. And we promise photos. Thank you!

Standup paddle boarding on Isla Mujeres
We never found time to do it in Santa Barbara. Now’s the time to stand up! On the water!
30 / Requesting 2
Add to Cart
Snorkeling in the Cancun Underwater Museum
Not sure how many underwater museums exist, but they say this is one of the largest with over 500 sculptures. We’ll see at least half of them.
30 / Requesting 2
Add to Cart
Tour of Chichen Itza ruins
No more Mayan ball games... but it includes lunch!
50 / Requesting 2
Add to Cart
Hotel Stay
We need shelter! Help contribute to making sure Judy isn't left weaving banana leaves for beds (Justin can't weave).
Journey into Rio Secreto
Hiking and swimming through a crystal formation labyrinth. Hopefully includes an appearance by David Bowie.
50 / Requesting 2
Add to Cart
Zipline through the jungle
Judy already said she’d do it, no takebacks. Weeeeeeeee.
75 / Requesting 2
Add to Cart
ATV Jungle Tour
Justin’s only flipped an ATV once, surely it won’t happen again. Includes “swimming in crystal clear waters of a cenote!”
75 / Requesting 2
Add to Cart
Via burro would be the more traditional way our ancestors got around down South, but we're on a deadline so it's el avion for us. Wanna help?
Tour of Isla Contoy
It’s a national park and refuge to a multitude of birds and marine life. Manta rays! Frigates! Brown Pelicans! Includes snorkeling in Ixlache reef and biodegradable sunscreen.
95 / Requesting 2
Add to Cart
Snorkeling with whale sharks
It’s not a whale, but it’s a whale of a shark that filters over 1500 gallons of water an hour. Thankfully they're slow-moving and harmless... right?
125 / Requesting 2
Add to Cart
Meals & Drinks
We're not quite ready for Naked and Afraid, but we could survive on tacos and agua for at least 7 days. Help expand our food budget to include plated food!